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usb dongle problem

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usb dongle problem

Good morning, I was upgraded to fibre last Friday and the upload speed increased but the download speed stayed the same as on the previous package. After a few rants ( I apologise profusely) I firstly connected with the ethernet cable, speeds increased and were good. Then I tried the laptop in the same position as my pc is in and the speeds again were fine. So it must be my usb dongle and the connection from this to the router that is at fault.

I went onto chat and asked what they could recommend but was told to go to a computer shop and ask them. So I am here now asking the community what dongle is a good bet to work with the hub one.



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: usb dongle problem

In case you're unaware the Hub One has both 2.4ghz and a 5ghz transmission so I'd find a dongle that connects on the latter.

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 Adam Walker
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Re: usb dongle problem

Having been bitten by this quite badly, my no 1 suggestion is you may have a Windows 10 driver issue.


In the end, for reasons I can't fathom was to rename 5GHz WiFi SSIDs to be different to 2.4GHz networks.


That finally sorted my WiFi issues.

I am the satisfied customer....