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upgrade router

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upgrade router

I've got the technicolour modem still, is it worth it to get the latest plusnet hub?

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Re: upgrade router

Key benefit of Hub One over TG582n are:


1. Single unit can replace both Openreach modem and router.

2. Offers 5 GHz wifi, if you have devices which can use it.

3. Gigabit ethernet LAN ports.

The Hub One is a rebadged BT Home Hub 5 type A. There is also a rarer Home Hub 5 type B variant which is perceived to be better.

Hub One can be obtained for no more than the cost of delivery if you are out of contract and decide to re-contract with Plusnet.

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Re: upgrade router

@bill888 is correct with those points!

Again the convenience of just being able to have one unit and one power socket needed is the main benefit.


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Re: upgrade router

What problems are you experiencing with the TG582 that make you think you need to replace it?

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Re: upgrade router

getting dead / slow wifi spots in the house, how much is it if you're in contact (well renewed when moved)?

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Re: upgrade router

If you've renewed your contract within the past 3 months they'll only charge the p&p (£6.99)

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Re: upgrade router

thanks for the info, I might give them a call...I like the hold music Cheesy