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unlimited fibre broadband - initial feedback

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unlimited fibre broadband - initial feedback

hello all,
Just my personal experience to date, in North Devon,  Fremington area,
So far so good, with my unlimited fibre broadband.
relatively consistent speeds low to mid 30M in the early evening down, and 10 to 11 M up,
unscientific speed test,using an old ipad, (too lazy to turn on laptop and plug cable into the hub )
so all in all I am pretty happy with that
given what my old ADSL was like,  this is pretty good
streaming TV is good
Also Done a couple of work  web conferences also using AT&T connect for desktop sharing, and voice,
and worked like a champ, 
maybe the adoption rate in my area is low so far , would be interesting to know if the providers issue stats on number of connections to each fttc cabinet
the only thing i dont like (and being real picky now) is the two devices at home the openreach router, and the plusnet hub
need to figure out a way of streamlining that,  any ideas out there, or is that a fixed configuration?
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Re: unlimited fibre broadband - initial feedback

You are free to change the Plusnet router and, as long as you use a suitable one, the modem too.
One option is to use a BT HomeHub5 to replace both, there's a list of other options here:,14436.0.html
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