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unlimited fiber needs speed reset

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unlimited fiber needs speed reset

Hi after having some speed issues 2019 and changing to fibre extra  average download ( has been 60 mbps Jan 19 to Feb 20 and indeed for two months steady at 65/70. its gradually been dropping sitting at 54 around May 20 to now BUT

after another odd wifi drop out (plenty on here about that!!) i reset box and now running 34 down 14 woefull.


no network faults showing.


CAN SOMEONE reset line speed. I do have BT hub 6 to swap to. I had to do that for my son working from home as he was having a lot of wireless "no internet" issues with the hub 1 at his and the forum seems to back this change as an improvement

ill  try and phone support tomorrow but there was a "raise case" feature before but i can't find it

speed plot attached

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Re: unlimited fiber needs speed reset


If know one assists you, just keep any eye out on this thread.
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