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understanding Fibre and non Fibre connections

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understanding Fibre and non Fibre connections

Prior to out local cabinet being Fibre enabled, I was pulling a maximum of 1 Mbps on Plusnet and that was on a good day. As soon as our local exchange and cabinet became Fibre enabled, I signed up. I am paying for the Plusnet  Unlimited Fibre which advertises speeds of between 17 @& 38 Mbps. BT Openworld came and fitted the Fibre connection box and away we went with an immediate improvement in speed. On a Fibre to Copper connection,  I now pull around 5 Mbps, enough to run BBC iplayer and other streaming media. But this speed is way below the advertised level. 

I have done all the recommended connection and router checks as recommended by Plusnet but with no improvement in speed.

if I drop down to an ordinary and cheaper Broadband package with Plusnet , will I retain my current speed or revert back to a measley 1 MBps. 

I do resent not getting what I am paying for.

Any suggestions and assistance welcome.



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: understanding Fibre and non Fibre connections


Hi @Valleylad1


Thanks for getting in touch.


It looks as if the fibre line to your property has degraded since you took out the fibre contract as the line is only capable of up to 12.6mb/s now - you can verify this by entering your telephone number here - the top row is your fibre connection.


That being said, your line is currently syncing up at around 6mb/s so there's still room for improvement. We're happy to investigate this further if you raise a fault here

In terms of the drop to ADSL, I'm afraid that your speed would revert back to the ADSL speeds that you were seeing previously as the connection would no longer be through the fibre infrastructure to the BT exchange.


Let us know when you're raised a fault and we'll be happy to pick it up.







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 Dave G
 Plusnet Help Team