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unable to connect to

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unable to connect to

Whenever I try and connect with any household computer to  i keep getting timed out issues and it never connects. The poker client connects fine and has full functionallity. 


If i put a wireless dongle in my computer it connects to the website ok which rules out the any browser or computer related issues. 


I tried turning the modem/router off for over an hour and turned it back on as has been suggested in other threads as a possible fix to reset ip address but that had no effect 


As far as i'm aware , I haven't set up any blocking on the router and kids/wife wouldn't have a clue how to do it . 


Able to access other poker websites and 18+ content so don't think its a Parental control type issue



can anyone else connect or is it a DNS issue 



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Re: unable to connect to

No, it doesn't work for me.


Is this the same company: - as this works.

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Re: unable to connect to

Duplicate of @RJM ‘s reply.....

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: unable to connect to

Hi @KeithH 


There has been a post about this previously on the forums - take a look here 


Kind Regards, 


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