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static ip

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static ip

hi folks since readding the static ip address my ping results on the speedtests have doubled i used to get 7 ms on ping test now im getting 16 ms and these tests are done over ethernet connection and not wireless

if this is something to do with the static ip address can u fix this problem please as my daughter is a gamer and obviously the lower ping rate was what she wanted 




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Re: static ip

Hello @iangilf,


Thank you for getting in touch.


I'm afraid that having a static IP address would mean the service is routing traffic differently to that of a dynamic IP address. 16ms ping is still a low latency result but this will be solely down to the difference in hops to the end address. If you don't need the static IP address for a specific reason for example IP cameras, SSH or file servers, I'm happy for you to remove it and we will refund you the one off £5 charge.


Thanks again.

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