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standard NTE5(A) telephone socket

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Registered: ‎10-04-2016

standard NTE5(A) telephone socket

I've been trying to find what's wrong with our broadband, Looking at the Old BT faceplate I wondered if it was suitable being that it's probably around 20 years old.
It's BT property but as we haven't paid them directly for a few years I guess they don't care if we are getting the best signal.

The wall plate is a NTE5 (network termination equipment) the version fitted has three screw terminals inside.

after a bit of googling I find out this type has some sort of device in-line that's not great for high speed internet.

I spoke to someone who recommended this

it cost about thirty quid and is now connected to the two wires white and orange that come out of the wall.

easy job only need a flat blade screwdriver and pair of snips ( or nail scissors)

I chucked away the old thing. 

it hasn't cured all the problems we had but has made a huge difference.