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this week my connection speed has gone to hell. im donsistently getting 6mbps on speed tests and 0.2 or thereabouts on upload. i cant upload images onto my wordpress website as it keeps losing connection or timing out while uploading. i live in a place where our connection is very tenous annd the wires are awful but they never really get replaced just fixed when they actually break.


its a constant issue regardless of supplier and before its suggested i know my set up isnt ideal being that i mainy use wifi but in my house its just not possible to use a wired connection and it makes no difference when i have done it just to satisfy the checks. my phone line is always crakly and iif i answer the landline it cuts off the internet. always has done no matter what set up ive had.


i have tried to contact helpline but they wont discuss it with me as hubby is the main account holder and apparently im not on there. ive filled in the form to report a fault but had no response.

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Re: speeds



I'm sorry to read of the problems with your broadband.


I can see that this has now been addressed via a ticket on your account. You can view and respond to the ticket using this link.


Thanks! -Katie

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 Katie C
 Plusnet Help Team