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slow and getting slower...

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slow and getting slower...

My fibre broadband was last week at 3.5 mpbs now under 3! have contacted team who told me several different things all not helped and last Wed raised a fault, still no response, I spoke yesterday and said there has been several faults raised and struggling to resolve so basically I have to wait for them to get to mine, when asked if it was a known fault or possible hardware they couldn't answer me, when pushed on how long I have to wait the guy replied how long is a piece of string! not impressed with service and lack of compassion, any ideas to the problem out there? Checked all wiring etc and can't see any issues.
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Re: slow and getting slower...

I've just had a look over your account and the notes. It seems like the line had been banded, possibly due to what the DLM had seen as a large number of disconnections. There's an engineer due tomorrow, so hopefully they'll check for problems and remove the banding.
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