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refusing to uncap my speed

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refusing to uncap my speed

Hello as per my previous thread I am having major connection issues that are now supposedly down to REIN and are being investigated.

So my other issue is the BT Engineer capped my speed at 35000kbps to make the line more stable and stop the drops when my phone was rang because the line drops when the phone is touched above 40000kbps now my issue is because the "maximum data rate" is syncing at still up to 46000kbps im still getting drops from the phone even though the Data Rate is capped.


I called through to plusnet support and asked for the line to be uncapped because I was getting disconnected either way and would like to enjoy the higher speed when it actually stays up.. at this point the member of staff I spoke to flat out refused to uncap my speed because the line is "more stable" capped at 35000kbps.. BUT it is not.. it still disconnects just as much as before.

below are the most recent logs I can post from the Event Log. of the router


18:15:17, 20 Jul. (114527.580000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=33337Kbps, Up Rate=5818Kbps; SNR Margin Down=6.3dB, Up=6.2dB
18:45:14, 20 Jul. ( 86.800000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=33352Kbps, Up Rate=6020Kbps; SNR Margin Down=6.2dB, Up=6.1dB
18:49:24, 20 Jul. ( 325.340000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=34993Kbps, Up Rate=6208Kbps; SNR Margin Down=11.5dB, Up=6.1dB
18:52:50, 20 Jul. ( 531.710000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=34993Kbps, Up Rate=6041Kbps; SNR Margin Down=7.1dB, Up=6.0dB
18:58:44, 20 Jul. ( 884.950000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=34993Kbps, Up Rate=6239Kbps; SNR Margin Down=11.5dB, Up=6.1dB
19:21:22, 20 Jul. ( 2242.840000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=23896Kbps, Up Rate=6112Kbps; SNR Margin Down=5.5dB, Up=6.0dB
19:24:00, 20 Jul. ( 2401.750000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=22993Kbps, Up Rate=5534Kbps; SNR Margin Down=11.4dB, Up=6.5dB
19:26:54, 20 Jul. ( 2575.250000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=34993Kbps, Up Rate=6219Kbps; SNR Margin Down=11.5dB, Up=6.1dB
19:33:36, 20 Jul. ( 124.400000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=34993Kbps, Up Rate=6223Kbps; SNR Margin Down=6.8dB, Up=6.0dB
19:39:39, 20 Jul. ( 475.930000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=34993Kbps, Up Rate=6116Kbps; SNR Margin Down=11.3dB, Up=6.1dB
19:43:40, 20 Jul. ( 716.440000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=34993Kbps, Up Rate=6392Kbps; SNR Margin Down=8.4dB, Up=6.1dB
19:52:26, 20 Jul. ( 1242.220000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=34993Kbps, Up Rate=6009Kbps; SNR Margin Down=6.6dB, Up=6.3dB
20:14:41, 20 Jul. ( 2577.620000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=34993Kbps, Up Rate=5857Kbps; SNR Margin Down=6.5dB, Up=6.1dB
20:26:35, 20 Jul. ( 3291.400000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=34993Kbps, Up Rate=6282Kbps; SNR Margin Down=11.2dB, Up=6.1dB
20:30:37, 20 Jul. ( 3533.400000) PPPoE is up -​ Down Rate=34993Kbps, Up Rate=6020Kbps; SNR Margin Down=6.4dB, Up=6.1dB


What is not being shown in this log is that its connecting me back at just below 35000kbps but the maximum data rate is sitting at around 46000kbps and then the line drops due to being unstable and then it goes down to 20000-30000kbps until the line decides to drop again to try to sync me back to the correct speed.


I have been running RouterStatsHub 5A for the last 15 mins and these are the results so far


As you can see capping me is not helping in any way and as stated before i'd rather have my full potential speed if im going to be dealing with the disconnections anyway


Thank you for your time and sorry if the post is spammy  in anyway just feel kinda angry that im being refused to be uncapped and specially the prospect of having to deal with this issue of disconnections throughout the day for a while..

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Re: refusing to uncap my speed



had some stuff added to my support questions from the engineer


Engineer Notes We have run some test to confirm it and found SFBB access test is failing as CI. Thus we have rejected the clear and a FTTC1 non appointed task is open in suppliers end now (1-1030266272371). Further we have escalated this by raising the proforma with open reach as a repeat visit on high priority. We have also advised to carry a thorough check especially on late afternoon for dropping on the line by rein investigation and to coop with the team necessarily.


Followed by a plusnet member saying


Thank you for your patience.

When the case was raised to our suppliers escalations department yesterday and issue was found with equipment in the exchange. They are currently investigating this issue as it may be the cause of your fault.

As soon as we know more we will be back in touch.


lets hope the issue is at the exchange and fixed Smiley I'm being very sceptical though since I've seen many people complain nothing changed.


Cap remains in place.


"Line profile been set to 35MBPS advised would like to leave as is for time being"

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Re: refusing to uncap my speed

In other news ive been running RouterStatsHub 5A since 11am this morning these logs end at 4pm when i start reporting to support per hour basis


Connection speed

Line Attenuation

Max Data Rate

Noise Margin

And below are per hour


From this point onwards the line became unstable AFTER me calling the landline to see what would happen followed by a call from some guy asking me about an accident.. which i ofc was never in.

Will update with more incase anyone has an ideas Smiley