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recent changes to plusnet to stop home hub 5B connecting ?

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recent changes to plusnet to stop home hub 5B connecting ?

Im going mad.

I bought myself a Home Hub 5B off ebay to see if I could maybe get a better wireless range and steadier connection via Broadcom with plusnet compared to the Hub One (  after reading all the forums from circa 2015 where no one seemed to have issues - I thought about SH6 - but @£40+  went for the HH5B in case it helped at all )

I followed all the standard instructions - ie reset HH5B using paperclip  ; change the login username ( inc ) and password then press connect. Always , always an orange light. Once went blue then within 10 seconds orange ( even when I didn't tough anything ).

Frustrating as the instructions are so basic. I'm wondering whether Plusnet or BT have made some changes to firmware  to stop a HH5B connecting to plusnet ? 

I also noticed, as I was typing in the password into the HH5B that the cursor would jump up to the username periodically whilst typing so you have to manually correct each time. But I got the password in the box in the end. Not sure if that means anything to anyone or helps identify the cause of issue.

Whats also a little "bottom clenching" is that then, afte getting frustrated with HH5B,  if I switch back to my Hub one, I have to re-enter the un/pw to get it to connect again. ( took me a while to work that out - I assumed, with no changes it would just connect back straight away )


In case i've missed some post - has any one seen any post where it says its no longer possible ?

if not, anyone has any ideas at all?


thanks for your help.

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Re: recent changes to plusnet to stop home hub 5B connecting ?

i found the same with the hh5A, but in the end i did manage to get it to enter, can't quite remember what i did, maybe a cancel on the page to turn of the timer that must be there, was a real pain though...


i've gone back to using the openreach modem now though as i don;t have hh5B

maybe just connect your laptop or whatever directly to the hh5B and hack it until you get it to keep the username before you actually install it?

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Re: recent changes to plusnet to stop home hub 5B connecting ?

I have the HH 5b and don't realy have any issues with it but i do notice the password box makes it seem like you can only type so much in before it stops and it also does jump around making it hard to type the password in.

to sort out the password issue i put my password in a text file then copyed and pasted it into the HH 5b password box and hit connect and it seemed to work first time.

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Re: recent changes to plusnet to stop home hub 5B connecting ?

Thank you both for replying.

I spent a lot of time trying to grt it working. Couldnt.  Bought a used hh6 from eBay and it worked after I reset it in the same way I did the hh5. Ie 100% no issues, set up in 2-5 mins.

Im not sure that means the hh5 was in any way defective. In fact from it going blue for a few seconds I think its probably not.

But,  just to reassure people,  even when I had big issues with one hh5(b) hh6 worked straight away.

To add one last thing - I wanted to go hh5b to get broadcom.  Going hh6 improved stability, gave me much higher throughput to sync (28.6 sync 28.13 actual based on BT wholesales testing - if people dont know you can get your sync,actual and ip profile from ther). Hopefully dlm will push me to the 32max on my contract ( 32mb contract fttc ~700 metres from the cabinet) 

One last benefit -my 2.4 range did increase ( a hh6 benefit im told)  . Not by much but eniugh to stabiluze a laptop connection that wasnt stable befoe... 

I hope the above,  apparently short but long frustrating battle, proves useful to someone.

And, again, thanks for the replies. This is what its all about... 

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Re: recent changes to plusnet to stop home hub 5B connecting ?

fwiw, try powering up the Home Hub with DSL cable NOT connected.


Navigate to Advanced Settings -> Broadband->Internet.

Edit the username and password

Press Connect/Save.

Power cycle the hub and check the username/password was saved.

Plug DSL cable in and see if it connects to Plusnet broadband.