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"High-speed broadband" - Plusnet profile page missing?

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"High-speed broadband" - Plusnet profile page missing?

In the last couple of days I've not been able to go to the 'High-speed broadband' page in the Members' Centre website - the page where users can see their Plusnet profile. (I've looked both in my own account and in my father-in-law's, and from different connections and PCs.) The page appears to be missing.
Is this really the case, or has it just been moved somewhere else. If it is missing, is this just because of the website maintenance that's going on at the moment?
Apologies if this question should be in another forum, but it does (sort of) relate to fibre connections.
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Re: "High-speed broadband" - Plusnet profile page missing?

locked as discussed at length here,141226.0.html
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