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need a range extender for my plusnet hub 1 -

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need a range extender for my plusnet hub 1 -


i need to extend the wifi signal to my garden and need a cheap range extender for my plusnet hub 1 - can anyone advise if the 

D-Link DAP-1520 AC750 Wi-Fi Range Extender   or the TP-Link RE350 AC1200 Mini Universal Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Range Extender/ would work?


Or any other cheap options would also be gratefully received. 

I am looking for cheap options so replacing my hub one is not feasible.


many thanks in advance

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Re: need a range extender for my plusnet hub 1 -

Sorry can't comment on either device but.

If you can run an Ethernet cable from your existing router to the  powerpoint nearer the garden where you were planning to put the range extender, the cheapest solution is probably a second hand Home Hub off Ebay (£10-15 delivered) and a length of cat 5E cable (20M will cost about £5). Configure the new HH as a wireless access point ( turn off DHCP and put black tape over the annoying lights) and connect from one of the LAN ports back to your PlusNet Hub.

You get dual band range extension with much better performance than a wireless extender and as a bonus you get a spare router in case the Hub1 gives up.