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moving home soon

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moving home soon

i am currently on fttc 80mb, in about 8 weeks i am moving home, whist i was viewing the property the current owner told me that she is with EE and they can’t supply her internet and have gave her a small 4g router. the internet and phone line come into the property into a small BT fibre box with a ethernet cable coming out of it, i have checked the postcode on plusnet site and it says no. can you confirm at the point i exchange contracts you can connect me.
bt wholesale says it’s a stage2 connection i have added a screen shot, last thing i want is to move and then find out i have issues getting plusnet to sort internet
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Re: moving home soon

The screenshot you have posted is for FTTP, Plusnet use to have a Trial For FTTP but i don't beleive they offer it any more, one of the Plusnet forum staff would be able to tell you if they still do.

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Re: moving home soon

If you only have a FTTP connection then you will be out of luck with Plusnet. If you do a search you will find suppliers. BT and Zen for a start.

Life without Plusnet is not the end of the world.  Alternatively you could always go wireless like the current user.

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Re: moving home soon


I would hazard a guess from the picture you posted that your new house is a relatively new build where it was only connected by FTTP (no copper lines installed).


Unfortunately for you PlusNet do not currently offer a FTTP service. As mentioned BT and Zen are the best known names offering FTTP though there are a few smaller suppliers. A new one (to me) is


If a phone line is required then you may have to use VOIP though BT may supply a phone service through the Optical Network Terminator (ONT).


You don't say if the BT box you speak about is inside. If it is then that's probably the ONT (it'll be beside a power source). The two stage connection refers to the old method of installing FTTP. First stage is the fibre is installed to a box on the outside of the property. When that's done a second visit brings the fibre inside to an ONT.


Finally, the DSLChecker may say if an ONT is installed - look at the narrative under the results windows. The first line will be about the property. The second line may say something like

ONT installed no active service.... or

FTTP available....



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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: moving home soon

Hi @idmanager


I'm afraid that we are unable to provide FTTP services due to our trial ending. 


We would advise speaking to our Home moves team on: 0800 328 4625 who will be able to discuss options or closure of your account. 


We're sorry for any inconvenience caused. 


Kind Regards