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line set to 20mb?

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line set to 20mb?

i recently joined plusnet and i've had no issues at all with the connection but the speeds have never changed from a 'max throughput of 20,000kbps' on the Fritzbox 7490 router dsl stats. The attainable rate is often a lot higher than this but the connection never increases.
would someone be able to check if my line to see what its set at?
i did have a line fault fixed by bt openreach about a month prior to joining plusnet so i'm not sure if it's still locked at a rate set during the fault?
thanks for any help
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Re: line set to 20mb?

Quote from: callums
The attainable rate is often a lot higher than this

Does this vary much?
Can you post your DSL stats?
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Re: line set to 20mb?

Receive Direction Send Direction
Max. DSLAM throughput kbit/s 20000 5000
Min. DSLAM throughput kbit/s 128 128
Attainable data rate kbit/s 23901 4784
Current throughput kbit/s 20000 4709
Seamless rate adaptation off off

Latency fast fast
Impulse Noise Protection 0 0
G.INP off off

Signal-to-noise ratio dB 9 6
Bitswap on off
Line attenuation dB 26 41

Profile 17a
G.Vector off off

Carrier record A43 A43

These stats?
attainable line speed will go as high as ~25,000 but never lower than ~20,000. MAx attainable hasn't moved since the line break that i mentioned previously
i dont live far from the cab but its really poor aluminium lines with a number of strange connections and the openreach engineers just tend to sigh when they are in our area so i know it isnt going to get much better.