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just wondering why.

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just wondering why.



So I have the up to 78 Mbps Fibre and have been getting around 60 Mbps speeds from not long after my service started.  Within the last couple of weeks this has suddenly jumped to close to 70 Mbps.  Now I'm not complaining lol but just curious why this has happened.  Any ideas?



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Re: just wondering why.

It could be DLM (Dynamic Line Management) making adjustments to try and push a higher speed through if it's seen that the connection has been stable. DLM will try to make adjustments to try and give the best balance between speed and stability.


When I first got FTTC, my connection was in the middle of my estimates, since then it's dropped to the low end of the estimate occasionally and sometimes has been 5-10Mbps above the estimate for my line. (Going off of the sync speeds when testing)

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Re: just wondering why.

Hasn't BT/OR been experimenting with a system to increase speeds? Mine suddenly rose by 6 megs a few weeks ago but has now returned to normal.