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increase upload speed

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Re: increase upload speed

I'm actually considering switching at the end of the year when my contract is up to get on a 50/10 or 38/10 package. We have lots of photos we don't want to lose and at the moment I'm relying on having multiple copies on different hard drives. Storing them in the cloud with only 2M/Bit upload is not really practical.

My line is only capable of 33 /8 so I can't switch to the 80/20 package with Plusnet. I would consider upgrading to a 50/10 package if PlusNet were to offer it.

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Re: increase upload speed

Have a look at what I said last year in my Why I have left Plusnet post (Fibre Product Range section).

We've been saying this ever since they changed the basic product to 40/2 and I've never seen a satisfactory answer as to why they don't offer 55/10.

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   Why I have left Plusnet (warning: long post!)   
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Re: increase upload speed

I back everything up to cloud as well as to local drives. That's entire drives as well as "Documents" which contains everything produced (Spreadsheets, Documents, Photos, movies, scans etc.) When I did the initial backup I was connected at 12Mbps but it actually achieved less than 10Mbps according to the figures. It took me over a week of 24/7 operation (I have lots of files, drives, and backups, I use Acronis True Image, and set up all the backups, mostly scheduled, Local and cloud).

My current Uplink speed of 9.5Mbps is the slowest I've seen on a fibre package but its more than adequate once the backups are established. Occassionally I restore a file and it all seems to work well.

If PlusNet cannot address Uplink speed issues adequately, then like you say, there are others who will.

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Re: increase upload speed

fwiw, I read lately on TalkTalk forums that some of their 40/2 customers are being upgraded to 40/10 free of charge.  It started a few months ago with customers receiving notification of 'upto 5x' increase in upload speeds.  TalkTalk haven't made any formal announcement.

Ofcom are looking to regulate 40/10 prices from 1st April and one could speculate TalkTalk have decided to move some customers over to 40/10 now.

It may only be a matter of time before Plusnet consider introducing a 40/10 product, perhaps from next April ?


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Re: increase upload speed

thats the problem , Plusnet follow they dont lead Sad

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Re: increase upload speed

"Plusnet follow they dont lead"

Nail on the head I suspect. Gone from leading to a subsidiary of BT, who actually competes with them. Reactive, and not proactive. I've been with PlusNet a long time and have noticed the sparkle draining away in recent years. Effort to keep cost low over keeping service levels high.

To my mind they need a no frills budget package but they increasingly lack a Premium Service. Buying on Price alone you tend to get what you pay for.

Broadband is developing fast and I would like to see PlusNet developing with it not adopting what has become established. BT offer packages that PlusNet only seem to experiment with, or trial.

Hoping for better to come, faster broadband, Fibre to the pole, that sort of thing.