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Intermittently over the last 48 hours we have been redirected to the above URL - this has happened on various websites and on various devices, but with no consistency. There is no overdue payment on my account (it was paid by DD on 23/02 as usual).


Sometimes, this URL shows me a page that says "ERROR The account has no invoice in failed billing" and other times it shows a page that says "Oops, your internet connection was interrupted". Just now, it showed me "We'll be right back! Uh oh, we can't show this page right now."



I spoke with a PN support operative this evening and they were unable to find a reason why we were having this problem, and disabled then re-enabled the account to clear the problem.


Unfortunately, this hasn't solved it. Since the phone call we've cleared all caches, restarted the router etc but are still having the same problem. Also, the support operative said that he would send through an email about the issue which I could reply to if it was still a problem - I have not yet received the email, so am unable to reply to it. 


There is no chat option at the moment (it shows as unavailable), no way to raise a support ticket online that I could find and after half an hour on the phone already regarding this, I'm getting a bit fed up now - can anyone give any advice on anything else I can try to resolve this?Huh

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Try switching your router off overnight, the problem is thought to be bug in PlusNet's systems relating to the IP address assigned to your connection. Restarting your router in the morning may give you a different address which could fix it, no guarantee but it's worth a try.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Hi there.

I can see you spoke with us this morning regarding this.

Let us know how you get on.

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team