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high ping

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high ping

Hi Plusnet,
I was getting a ping of 10. Now my  ping is around  120. Speed is ok.  I haven't changed anything my side. Can you check this for me, please.
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Re: high ping

hi that's quite a increase,  try a gateway hop see if that improves things
if you don't know how do the following go here ; it will say what gateway your on for example PTW-BNG02
log into your router go to the broadband tab and you should see a button that says disconnect click on that. the internet led on the router should go out and turn red.. wait 30 seconds then press the button again the router Internet Led should then blink for a bit and then turn back green, once done go back to
you should see your connected to a different Getaway  run a new ping test see if that made a difference.