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high packet loss but low ping

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high packet loss but low ping

I dont know why i have high packet loss but ive tried everything like going into my console and changing the settings. I've even tried resetting my BT hub and my plusnet modem and unplugging it from the telephone socket. Even that didnt work can people pls help me or tell me what to do. thanks 

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Re: high packet loss but low ping

Have you seen this thread at because you may be suffering from this issue?

If not, you may have another issue or fault which needs to be diagnosed.

First thing is to check for a phone fault (if Plusnet provide the phone start here ) If you do have a phone voice fault, report it as such and do not mention any broadband issues. And then when that is fixed, see if the broadband is better.

Then if still not solved (or no phone fault is in evidence) start with the FTTC guides at