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got 2 hub one routers through the post, which one to use

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Registered: ‎13-02-2016

got 2 hub one routers through the post, which one to use

hi all,
got two hub one routers through the post with a day of each other, which one to use?
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Re: got 2 hub one routers through the post, which one to use

Lucky you!!  It took PN three goes to get a new fibre router to me.  I got text confirmations each time that it was in the post but they never arrived and I had to chase them by phone - and we all know how difficult that is!  I just spoke to one of their customer relations advisers and he has confirmed in writing (!) that they have had problems with their router fulfilment warehouse but "everything is sorted now".
I ordered fibre on 30 Jan and got an immediate confirmation of connection on 5 Feb.  Then the same day I got another message saying their supplier could not connect me till 18 Feb.  But on 5 Feb I got a message saying I had been connected to fibre and my usage was restarted from that date.  So when the router finally arrived a week later I connected everything and got on line OK.  BUT...only at the same speed as previously with non-fibre (2Mbps).  Waited patiently for the router to stabilize but nothing improved.  I then did a BT check and saw on there that I was not due to be connected to fibre till 18th Feb (this coming Thursday).  Called PN again and they confirmed that I am not yet connected to fibre and will not be connected till 18th as per the BT test.  Not wonderful communications PN!!
I wonder if they will get the pro-rata billing right?
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