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finally success! speeds attained

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Registered: ‎29-01-2013

finally success! speeds attained

started to have problems last November. reported loss of speed . used to get 50mbps plus. down to 32. after multiple discussions, failed engineer appointments and trying a newly sent home plus one modem router, engineer attended, renewed master socket and declared line speed at 55 Mbps. I couldn't get that! in the meanwhile Plusnet had moved my guaranteed speed down twice to 41 and the 44ish. tried homehub 6 - no better. eventually I bought a Fritzbox 7530 - configured and synched at 55mbps with a line throughout of 54.


Plusnet lack of continuity of service is poor. lots of repeated and irrelevant discussions about WiFi etc. polite people often working blindly from scripts

why they adjusted my guaranteed speed on several occasions I don't know. feels a cop out to me

openreach engineers are unreliable. one told lies in his report, another failed to turn up. final guy was good

Plusnet homehub one doesn't do the job as well as the Fritzbox

anyway got there in the end...fingers crossed.