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fed up with slow speeds buffering on fibre

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fed up with slow speeds buffering on fibre

ive been on fibre broadband for a few months now and im fed up with slow speeds and buffering when im watching a movie

how do i find out what my speeds should be?

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Re: fed up with slow speeds buffering on fibre

Hi Katy,

I'm new to Plusnet to and hope this is not the future for me to!

Check through your plusnet emails and the 'Welcome to email'

You should find a section in your welcome email like the one I have attached below, mine is related to 'Unlimited Fibre Extra'.

I'm concerned as my contract is Unlimited Fibre Extra and currently it's only just making the minimum speed.

Anyhow the bottom line is if Plusnet consistently do not maintain the 'minimum guaranteed speed' that is posted in that email. Then you need to take it up with them. Obviously you need to take some speed tests and keep a log of them, then if they are low (fail to meet the lowest guaranteed speed) Plusnet will investigate the problem. 
Personally having forked out for the Fibre Extra my question is, if I'm only going to manage the minimum speed, why am I paying for the extra service, I think I need to talk to Plusnet about switching to standard fibre.

I'm told new lines take a little while to settle down how true that is I have no idea, however yours should be more than settled by now!

Hope you get it all sorted out.

Regards Steve


This is the extract from mine:

Your line speed
Here's all the speed details you need to know.
Unlimited Fibre Extra has an average speed of 66Mb download and 18Mb upload.
At peak times, we estimate that you'll get the following speeds on your line:
Download: 39 - 56Mb
Upload: 9 - 14Mb
Minimum Guaranteed Speed: 34.3Mb

Your Minimum Guaranteed Speed is an important number, find out more about what it means in our guide.

Some additional estimates:
Maximum download speed: 58Mb, Maximum upload speed: 14Mb, Minimum upload speed: 7Mb
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: fed up with slow speeds buffering on fibre

Hi @katykitten1,


Thanks for getting in touch.


Apologies for the delay in responding to you, we investigate social media posts in time order so an earlier response was not possible.


I've looked into your speeds by running a diagnostic check on your line at our suppliers Openreach. Your router is synchronising at the maximum downstream and upstream speeds for the product and landline. There is no fault and no reports of interference on the line.


I'd suggest you connect all relevant devices (PCs, laptops, TVs and games consoles) with an Ethernet cable to take the load off your Wi-Fi Go through the following Wi-Fi checks, connect to the test socket then follow the advice to split your Wi-Fi frequency and try different Wi-Fi channels to avoid any interference from other routers.


Let us know how that goes.


Thanks - LF

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