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engineer charge.

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Registered: ‎30-10-2017

engineer charge.

hi there,


i had for quite a while ongoing slow speeds.

after a bit of back and forth, you eventually agreed to send a new router (old one was 7 months old),

but only did this after me being very pushy . i was in fact told it was my issue and to replace the router myself !

at the same time as i need the internet for work, and require a stable connection and as the ETA for the router was at this point unknown i asked for a engineer to be sent.

 i was made aware of the potential charge , but couldn't see any other options at that point.

ironically the engineer turned up the same day as the router.

the engineer checked and reset at the cabinet end (or so he said) and the router was changed over.

the problem dispersed, but i today received notification of a 65 pound charge.


i also received a follow up call from plusnet support a few weeks later and nothing was mentioned.

i'm aware billing from company to company isn't instant in most cases.


how is that decision made, when both arrived on the same day ?

can you please demonstrate to me the reason for the charge.

it was lack of action that prompted the engineer visit, as by that point i was at the end of my tether.

perhaps someone can contact me to discuss.


thanks Jim.