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definitive HG612 (openreach modem) settings?

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definitive HG612 (openreach modem) settings?

Could someone point to a definitive set of setting to connect an  HG612 openreach modem to a router (Asus RT-N66U) using PPPoE?


I found the following instructions but they did not seem to work for me:


The article suggests using PPPoE_Bridged but it have only been able to get it working with IP_Bridged (the default settigns after a reset and installing the unlocked firmware)

The device is unlocked and running software version V100R001C01B030SP08 (firmware A2pv6C038m.d24j)




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Re: definitive HG612 (openreach modem) settings?

Just reset the modem to defaults (pin in back for about 5 seconds)


Your router should then be set to do the PPPoe



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Re: definitive HG612 (openreach modem) settings?

^^ Agreed.
The default settings are all you need for a Plusnet VDSL connection.
However you should be ok removing the ptm1.301 WAN connection.

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Re: definitive HG612 (openreach modem) settings?

the defaults are what I am using (including PTM1.301 disabled but not removed) ... but the linked article indicates some different settings as follows :


Edit the ptm1.101 WAN connection so that it looks like:

  • WAN Connection – enabled
  • Service List – INTERNET
  • Port Binding – LAN1
  • Connection Mode – Bridge
  • Bridge Type – PPPoE Bridge   (from IP bridged as default)
  • DHCP Transparent Transmission – Disabled  (was enabled)
  • WAN 802.1q – Enabled – VLAN ID: 101
  • WAN 802.1p – Enabled – VLAN ID: 1  (was 2)
  • LAN 802.1q – Disabled
  • LAN 802.1p – Disabled

NB... this doc indicates that plusnet suggests 802.1p should be set to 0



it IS working with the default settings though Smiley

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Re: definitive HG612 (openreach modem) settings?

I don't mention it in the post but I'm connecting the modem to a router which uses PPPoE (OpenWRT in this case). 

Does it work from a PPPoE connection from a PC?


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Re: definitive HG612 (openreach modem) settings?

It's a bit hard to test this one with PPPoE from a PC as it is on an office LAN and the router is very inconveniently located to play with cables Wink


I'm using a router to control the PPPoE session (a load balancing TL-R470T+ with two wan links).

The router has always played nicely with other PPPoE devices but the HG612 is a new addition due to an upgrade to FTTC. We are trying to avoid using the plusnet hub as we want a bridged connection to give us the native IP address at the router and avoid double NAT etc

I have factory reset it (again) and it is working, but I'd like to understand the difference between the settings. 

I could not find an explanation of PPPoE bridged vs IP bridge for the HG612. (and IP (layer 3) bridged (layer 2) doesn't make a great deal of sense to me Wink



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Re: definitive HG612 (openreach modem) settings?



Thank for the advise. Mine worked fine with FTTC service with the default settings. However when I moved my service got downgraded to ADSL and the PPPoE firewall behind the modem was not getting any PADO. I had to tweek the settings to get the PADO from the RAS. Looking at logs from another modem I realised that my ADSL uses ATM. Below is what I did


1. Used the default PTM mapped on the ATM

2. Created int atm1 with VPI/VCI I observed in the log (0/38)

    DSL latency: Path0=PTM

    DSL link type: EoA

    Encapsulation: LLC

    Service type: UBR Without PCR

3. Created new WAN connection

    Layer2 interface: atm1/(0_0_38)

    Wan connection: Enable

    Service list: INTERNET

    Port binding: LAN1

    Connection mode: Bridge

    Connection type: PPPoE

    User name: Password:yourpass

    Authentication mode: CHAP

    Dialing method: Auto