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Zero length/truncated HTTP responses

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Zero length/truncated HTTP responses

Hi All.


I'm not sure I need to raise a ticket for this or not.

I'm having some "strange internet behaviour". (i love phrases like that - 'It's not working!')

  • Most sites are OK (or appear to be OK). 
  • Yesterday, the M&S website was very unresponsive, and whenever accessing the basket (and many other pages), we were getting empty responses back in Chrome (running with dev mode on showed a zero length response rather than a straight timeout). IE just sat there.
  • For the last couple of days, (Sunday AM onwards), the Imgur mobile app has been showing corrupted images 50% of the time when running from Wifi. Turning wifi on my mobile off results in everything behaving itself when running through the 3G connection. Specifically, when on WiFi, animated GIFs stop halfway through, and JPEGs show the first section OK and then go into noise. This (to me) looks like a truncated HTTP connection.
  • If I connect to my Work system via our Cisco VPN, everything seems to work OK on the 2 sites above. (This may not be a fair comparison though, as this re-routed my connection via our EU entry point in Germany)
  • Today, the Boden website seems to be doing the same as M&S yesterday.

Has anyone else been experiencing problems like this?

  • I've re-started the Thompson router, but that's not done anything yet. This can get a bit flaky at times - not recognising our Naim Muso, requiring a reboot, Wifi just dropping for no reason etc.
  • The DSL connection has been up for 15 days according to the Huawei DSL modem. I have to admit to not having re-started that though.
  • Using the Netflix Internet Speed Test shows connections in excess of 70Mbit (peaking at just under 80).
  • Line analysis using the modem test suite shows the line to be OK as far as I can tell.

Any thoughts? Is it worth re-starting the modem?




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Registered: ‎29-12-2015

Re: Zero length/truncated HTTP responses


Problem is still here.

I'd like to raise a ticket for this, but you seem to have stopped the ability to raise tickets directly. Your "Chat online" is offline, and I CBA to phone you at this time of night, so stand by for a bitchy whine :-)

Attached are 2 images x 2 - 1 image is the "original" (AKA bad image). The other is the "Good" image, which has been sent when I've forcibly refreshed the web page.

This happens in Edge and on Chrome (Windows). It also happens in Chrome on Android and on the Imgur app on Android.

It doesn't happen on another network, and it doesn't happen on the same device when connected via Mobile.

I've now reset the DSL modem and the router (both Plusnet provided), and it's no different.


Does plusnet run a transparent web-cache that could be storing bad files?

Can anyone tell me how to raise a ticket without having to go through "Jess" who just says "I don't understand packet loss - did you mean 'Change your package'?".

A side-by-side comparison of the files shows that both of them start to lose data at about ~0x3900 bytes in.

This also only seems to be an HTTP(S?) problem - VPN connections are steady for long periods.

This is starting to cause a problem now, as many online shopping sites are effectively unresponsive.





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Re: Zero length/truncated HTTP responses

All I can say is that 15 days is pretty short in terms of modem connection time for most people, it wouldn't hurt to try a modem restart though (VERY unlikely to cause any DLM action if it's been stable for two weeks).

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