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You're not going to believe this

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You're not going to believe this

Over the past month or so there have been several posts here about changed upload speed on the 40MB/s package. They include a thread started by me under the head 'It would be wonderful to have a DEFINITIVE answer from PN'. This was on the basis of conflicting statements from PN staff and others. It was resolved to my satisfaction by PN's very own *name redacted in line with forum policy, but readily available* who stated on screen that the account was currently 40/20 and that if I were to re-contract and not change package I would keep my current speeds (both up and down). PN's * also redacted* confirmed that I had not changed. On this basis (and a price concession) I decided not to move to cheaper VM as planned, although I hadn't been comfortable with the new 2yr business. Stupidly, I also opted to pay 1yr line rental in advance.

Not having received any confirmation whatsoever regarding the renewal, I have just spoken to PN's *redacted*  who now contradict what was previously stated and say I will only get 2mb/s on this now.

This is beginning to look to me like breach of contract.

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Re: You're not going to believe this

Of course "redacted" could be wrong.

When will you actually find out?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: You're not going to believe this

The rule on posting names doesn't really apply to the staff in the forums. As you've said the name can easily be found in other threads. Personally I don't mind you mentioning my name in the forums - In fact, I'd prefer you direct this at me since you seem to be referring to me.


If they agent didn't advise you your speeds would change. They shouldn't change.

HarryB wrote:

The account is currently 40/20. If you were to re-contract and not change package, what w23 has said is correct.


Leave this with me, I'll sort it out tomorrow.

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 Harry Beesley
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