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Worth getting a VDSL faceplate ?

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Worth getting a VDSL faceplate ?

My fiber is being enabled on 21st Sep. I currently have the master socket shown below. Do you think it is worth ditching the microfilter, and getting a VDSL faceplate instead ? If I do decide to change, can I do it without any wiring changes ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


p.s. Please ignore the cobwebs Smiley


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Re: Worth getting a VDSL faceplate ?

@iratnl I bought one on eBay and installed it prior to getting fibre at start of this year.


No problems fitting the plate and longer screws required were included in package.


Phone connection has been solid as has fibre connection.


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Re: Worth getting a VDSL faceplate ?

Not sure about costs but providing you intend to plug the modem /router  into the master you will eliminate the need for filters on your extension sockets.



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Re: Worth getting a VDSL faceplate ?


I bought one from Amazon and it fits very neatly on the type of socket you have in the photograph.

It neatens the whole arrangement up, isolates any further sockets from the ADSL signal and seems to work OK.

I didn't see any speed improvement on VDSL (fbre) but I've no real complaints in that area anyway.

There are no wiring changes needed, the design cleverly avoids that.


I am the satisfied customer....