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Worth Getting Faster Line?

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Worth Getting Faster Line?

I moved over to BT but I'm thinking of moving back to PlusNet.



At the moment, I'm on a 52Mb contract but as we're a long way from the cabinet, I actually get a maximum of18Mb.


If I move back to PlusNet, would there be any point going for the 76Mb contract?  Would I actually get better speeds or is 18Mb my limit?


You would think that if I'm paying for 52Mb and there was a possibility of providing more that roughly 1/3 of that, I should get it which would suggest 18Mb is my max.

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Re: Worth Getting Faster Line?

Your only option with Plusnet would be 40/2 as opposed to 55/10 with BT

In both cases - Up To

There maybe an option of 18/2 but I am not aware of anyone actually offering it

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Re: Worth Getting Faster Line?

You can't just get a faster line. If you are long way from the cabinet that's the best speed you will get on any FTTC product 40Mb,52Mb or 76Mb. In fact with such a low speed PlusNet will only offer their lower speed 40Mbps down / 2 Mbps up service. If your upload is more than 2Mbps you would be better staying with BT.