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Worse speeds on W9980 Router

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Registered: ‎17-04-2016

Worse speeds on W9980 Router

Im not sure if I can get any support for this has Im not using the orignal router supplied from PlusNet. But Im using the W9980 router, heard it was an amazing router so I gave it a bash, had it about 3 months, had no problems really. Then all of a sudden my speed has dropped, im on fibre optic extra and im getting this speed:


I have to restart the router all the time when this happens, speed goes back to max, but withing a couple of hours goes back down to being the worse speed ever. Websites sometimes dont even load, things get timed out. I get disconnected from my game when on Xbox Live. Connection drops are always happening unless i restart the router.

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Re: Worse speeds on W9980 Router

Same problem here, with Plusnet's modem, replaced as a call centre person said line tests indicated the first was faulty.