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Wish I never went to Fibre

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Wish I never went to Fibre

So Ive waited 5 years for Fibre and it eventually arrived, what a disappointment. I'm lucky if i'm connected more than about 90 seconds on my laptop. Ive waited on the phone for literally hours to get through to support as the chat is useless and is never available. Here's the steps Ive taken so far, any suggestions would be appreciated ...


Day 1 of new fibre ... Unannouced visit from puzzled engineer trying to connect me to fibre, looks at the wiring and goes away. Comes back saying my previous plusnet broadband was connected to 2 seperate houses on the estate, might explain why the speed was dropping so markedly at times I suppose. Does some tests and says i'm good to go. I connect up the router and for a week or so all is fine, speed generally 32-38mbit - YAY!


Things begin to take a downward turn, devices begin to randomly disappear then come back, I can live with it though for about a week but its becoming irritating.


After several attempts at contacting support, I eventually get thru. Am told to seperate the bands to 2.4 and 5ghz .... things get a bit better for a couple of hours and then the problems come back.


After another call, told to try channels 6 and 11 .... I do this for a day on each. Slight improvement and it begins to pop its clogs again


Next, told to try via cable ... works fine but speed sticks around the low 20mbit mark. Am mysteriously disconnected from the call ....


Ring again ... my main laptop (of 2) just wont connect anymore, security camera is off more than its on. I download an app on my phone showing the wifi coverage, emptiest area seems around channel 13 so switch to that. Camera now seems quite stable but the longest my laptop seems to stay connected is about 2 minutes on the 2.4ghz ... doesnt even see the 5ghz.


So I'm now getting sent a new router, but to be honest i'm looking to jump ship .. I cant take the stress

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Re: Wish I never went to Fibre

A couple of things.

It is possible to use your old router as a "slave" of the Hub One.

Exactly how depends on the old router model but at least you should be able to use the WiFi of the old router.

Secondly, one of the newer BT home hubs will work on Plusnet (see the thread for how). They can be picked up for typically a few pounds.

I would spend a few pounds on a newish home hub and try that.

I am the satisfied customer....
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Re: Wish I never went to Fibre


Apart from minor firmware tweeks the Plusnet Hub One is a BTHome Hub 5A. The only BT Hub worth replacing it with is a Smart Hub 6, which will give better wifi performane. In this case it sounds more like a faulty Hub Zero or a BT problem, so the repacement Plusnet hub should be the next thing to try.

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Re: Wish I never went to Fibre

Hi @zoopakev


Thanks for getting in touch.


I'm sorry to read your account of your experience so far. I'm going to take a look at the speed issue first and when that's resolved investigate the service related concerns you've raised.


In terms of the speed, your account is definitely syncing up at 40mb/s, so you should be seeing nearer to this speed on a wired connection. Could you confirm whether the new router has arrived thus far? (It was dispatched on the 8th).


Could you also confirm whether the wired speed test you're running is from the test socket that sits behind the BT Openreach faceplate?


Let me know.





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