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Wireless problems with Netflix

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Registered: ‎12-03-2016

Wireless problems with Netflix

Hi guys. ok so not so much a problem as much as a minor annoyance.
I have the white fibre router and modem combo and have loved it since upgrading to fibre. For a while i had no problems and could stream my xbox to my laptop to talk to friends whilst my daughter was watching netflix on our lg smart tv. recently however if i have netflix running on the tv and so much as open a short video clip on facebook either on my laptop or phone then netflix buffers out and loses internet connection. my xbox is connected by ethernet cable whilst everything else is wireless. i can watch netflix on my laptop whilst playing an online game on the xbox with no problems.
The only thing i can see is that the wireless isn't coping to the tv for some reason now. I dont want to run another cable as it will be an eyesore (and upset the missus). I also cant seem to open ports on the router as the telnet either crashes or tells me im not allowed even though i have entered the password correctly.
any ideas guys as i want to be able to play my games without kicking the missus upstairs to watch netflix.
thanks in advance.
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Registered: ‎12-03-2016

Re: Wireless problems with Netflix

Are you using 2.4ghz WiFi. I find that as soon as I'm on 5ghz everything is fine. There is just too much going on the 2.4ghz spectrum. So much so that I won't get a device that doesn't support 5ghz as streaming video in particular is painful. If it works cabled then that's got to be the problem, you could try changing WiFi channels but I find that doesn't last long.