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Will using Asus DSL-AC68U modem Still cause DLM issues?

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Will using Asus DSL-AC68U modem Still cause DLM issues?

Well over a year ago, I installed an Asus DSL-AC68U Modem router in place of the Openreach Modem and PlusNet router. The result was eventual slowdown and capping by DSL. I then used the Openreach Modem (Huawei) and the AC68U as a simple router, speed returned.

About 3 months ago I replaced the Hauwei with a BCI modem and speed improved further the profile on BTW Performance test increased about 3mbps. I think I am attached to an Hauwei Cabinet from ID pictures.

Last week, I factory reset my DSL-68U, and connected its Modem. All worked well, I was able to see connection statistics (a main reason for using the DSL-68U modem). It showed me interleaved downlink, but fastpath Up. I Enabled  G.INP, (my only adjustment from default) and downlink changed to fastpath.

Connected Speed and Maximum speed are shown higher than I have been achieving, but I am capped at 40Mbps as not on Extra service with PlusNet, however My uplink gained 3Mbps on Ookla. Uncapped, I think it's likely that I'd see better speeds down than the 47.64Mbps of my BTO profile.

Despite no apparent errors showing, I chickened out and returned to using the BCI modem with the AC68U as router. I cannot see connection statistics as a result. Since originally using the AC68U as modem router it has had at least 3 firmware upgrades, is it now safe to use in place of BTO's Modem without incurring DLM restrictionsHuh


Any thoughts gratefully appreciated, sorry to have waffled.