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Will I need a new VDSL Faceplate installed when I upgrade to FTTC?

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Registered: ‎26-02-2019

Re: Will I need a new VDSL Faceplate installed when I upgrade to FTTC?

As for the microwave issue, again I agree and am amazed the router still works!!

You know what, I think the microwave did cause some micro damage to the router! Ever since I happened to have done that last month in November when I bought the microwave and temporarily placed it next to the router for a few days.

I have noticed that on the Expert user

Uptime: 4D 3H 15M 7S

loses sync every 15 days or so! Before this uptime would remain for several months on without restarting. But since I am towards the end of the contract, I didn't bother to request new Plusnet Hub Zero router since I know I will get a new router with Fibre anyway.

Normally even if the connection uptime in the main Helpdesk page gets lost, the Sagemcom Expert User page uptime should remain intact unless there is loss of power due to outage.

The microwave will probably no longer cause any issues as it is now in the kitchen far away from the router contributing to much less radiation. And a small drop of noise is not going to cause a drop-out or router damage, but I guess I've learned some lessons from this mistake that I've made not to use a microwave right next to a router in future!

I think I will contact Plusnet in the new years and see what deal I will get and of-course I will watch out for other offers as well.