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Wifi coverage deteriotated - issues with Technicolor TG582n Fibre Router

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Wifi coverage deteriotated - issues with Technicolor TG582n Fibre Router



Over the course of the last few weeks, wifi coverage in my house has been steadily deteriorating.

Connection to all devices is via Wifi using a BT openreach box and a Technicolor TG582n Fibre router.

Standing in the same room as the router, I can get speeds of between 23-50mbs - no problem. However, moving literally a few feet to the next room, the speed drops to, on average, 2mbs (that's when I can even get a connection) and upstairs in a couple of the rooms I can't even get a connection which never used to be the case.

I've tried changing the router channel from automatic to all of the manual channels (1-13) and it makes no difference whatsoever.

Frequently, including 3 times today, my iPhone is supposedly "connected" but I don't get any response even standing next to the router. When it happened again this morning, I switched the router off and on again. The first few times even the Power light didn't come back on. Then when I finally did, only the Power button was lit (green) - no other lights lit up at all. The LAN1 light on the openreach box (there's a cable from the LAN1 socket to the router) also wasn't lit. Finally, after 30 minutes of trying, the router started to boot up correctly, then would frequently drop the connection and start up again.


Anyone any ideas as to what the problem is? To me it points to a problem with the router but I'm obviously no expert.

I work from home and this is obviously causing serious issues not just for me but also for my kids who need internet access for homework studies. If I can't get this sorted quickly I'm going to have to change ISPs, but I'd rather there was just a solution to the problems - up until a few weeks ago I had no issues.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Wifi coverage deteriotated - issues with Technicolor TG582n Fibre Router

First of all I suspect that due to statutory cooling off periods changing your ISP is possibly the best way of ensuring that this problem will go on for weeks.

You seem to be reporting two issues. First you complain of poor WiFi speeds in other rooms whilst having a good connection next to the router then saying that the router has started dropping the connection.

The first thing to do is to connect a computer directly to the router with an Ethernet cable. If you are next to the router with your Iphone and the connection is lost then do a speed test on the hard wired computer. If that also shows that the connection is really down then you need to start formal testing from the test socket.

If the problem is purely wireless then I suggest that you try another router, or preferably take the opportunity to upgrade to a combined modem/router. Modern routers give you the option of both the old 2.4MHz WiFi frequency plus the newer 5GHz band, which might work better for you. If you are happy to stay with Plusnet and ring their 'I'm thinking of Leaving' option they will probably offer you a free (apart from P&P) Hub1 in exchange for an extended contract. Alternatively you can buy your own. There are lots of options and you will find these discussed on the Router forum. The third option is to buy a latest BT Smart Hub 6 off Ebay for around £40-50. These can be easily set up to work with Plusnet and again you will find instructions in the Router forum. I have found that the wireless performance on both frequency bands of these to be very good.

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Re: Wifi coverage deteriotated - issues with Technicolor TG582n Fibre Router

Thanks for your response - shame I didn't see it before I spoke to the tech support people first thing this morning.

It's definitely a WiFi speed issue - they said it seems the router is faulty. Standing next to the router gives me speeds of 45-50mbs but standing 10ft away in the same room where I can still see the router gives me speeds of 2.5mbs on average.

Only got offered a Hub0 which i've accepted - before reading the bad reviews about poor WiFi reception!

I'll see how it performs and if it's no better will definitely look on the Router forum for a better spec.

Will update for anyone who may have one of the old routers and is suffering from bad WiFi reception.

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Re: Wifi coverage deteriotated - issues with Technicolor TG582n Fibre Router

Being in the same room as the router and it drops 10 feet away does indeed sound like a faulty router to me. Hopefully you will have better signal with the HubOne. My router gives me very good wireless speeds on my desktop PC upstairs but not so good on the other side of the house with the signal having to travel through a few thick walls.

If you are looking for alternative and compatible routers for fibre with a better wifi signal, I highly recomend the kitz thread here to see what best suits you:,14436.0.html

Personally, I am looking at getting an Asus but my wife will not let me drop that amount of money to replace something that already works well for what we need Smiley

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