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Wifi Calling on EE

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Wifi Calling on EE

I'm having issues with Wifi Calling on EE. My phone connects to Wifi Calling and can use it however I have a strange issue.

Always repeatable the call will drop at 17 seconds with "Server Unobtainable". It doesn't appear to be sending voice and keys out at all. Eventually Wifi calling will drop and I can complete the call with 3G or GSM. I do not get this behaviour on another network (BT i Believe) or Wifi on the Underground, all is fine. I am unable to confirm on another Plusnet connection as it won't connect at all.. Anyone else seeing the same issue?

I have an unbranded HTC 10 which has worked in the past on this connection and continues to work on other ISP's




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Re: Wifi Calling on EE

Not sure what your problem is, but I can say I have used EE wifi calling for a few months now without any problems. Someone here might be able to help with your problem, but it might help if you can let us know what router you are using. Failing that you could try EEs customer service, which I have always found helpful.