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WiFi dropping out

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Registered: ‎30-04-2020

WiFi dropping out

Never had problems with WiFi til last couple of weeks. Now keeps dropping out and having to restart router. Phone and cabled devices ok just the WiFi. Is there a reason and is it ok to keep restarting the router?
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Re: WiFi dropping out

This sounds like the issue I experience with the 5GHz band on my Hub One. I've turned off the 5GHz band and have 2.4GHz band on only and this has solved the problem for all my wireless devices (e.g. iPhones, Apple Watch, laptops, Smart TVs, Amazon Echos) for now.

See how to turn off the 5GHz here:

Regarding restarting your router, my understanding is that Plusnet will see this as an unstable connection and reduce your line speed in an attempt to get a more stable connection. Therefore, unless necessary, it is advisable not to restart your router too often to maintain the highest possible line speed.