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WiFi download speeds

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WiFi download speeds

Had talks with Plusnet end of last year. 57 Mbps to laptop via ethernet cable (nailed on consistent) but WiFi at 10 feet through a wall dropped to 20/22 and stalled Zoom. (Plusnet router 5 years old - Plusnet recon should be good for 6-8 years.)

So installed cable.

Recently Wifi speed up to 46 Mbps at 12 feet through wall and similar 28 feet away through 2 walls - steady now for a few weeks. Don't understand why this has gone up.

My phone recorded 226 Mbps today! Usually around 120 Mbps

(All tests using bt wholesale speed test)

Plusnet give 55-75 Mbps expected for our house - on FTTC I assume - definitely not FTTP - Unlimited fibre extra contract

Can anyone help me understand this please?

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Re: WiFi download speeds