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Why such a delay in appointments???

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Why such a delay in appointments???

Hi folks,
Just wondering if anyone's fibre install went smoothly and as planned at point of order?
I thought mines was going well, placed order on the 27/7 for phone & fibre going live on the 11/8, had plenty email and texts with each update that took place but now just had texts and emails to say the engineer appointment had been moved back by 8 days.....that's a heck of a delay in my opinion and not too chuffed as our household lives on streaming sites for all TV terrestrial aerials, Sky or cable in this will be even more un chuffed.
Trying to phone PN to find out why a delay but was on hold for 20 mins then gave up holding....will try again later unless PN answer forums before phone callsHuh?
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Re: Why such a delay in appointments???

Ordered phone and fibre on 16th July - was told they'd both go live on 30th July (the property was previously served by BT Infinity).  Phone went live on 30th July but still no word on the fibre broadband and PlusNet not responding to any of my questions.  Not a happy bunny.  Sad