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Why do my Fibre speeds seem consistent with the lesser product?

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Why do my Fibre speeds seem consistent with the lesser product?

Considering I am just around the corner from the cabinet, and my estimates were 76-80mb, why is my sync speed so much lower? Am I on the same sort of service as the BT 52mb capped product?  





Another member suggested it was a noisy line or interference that is causing this, but audibly the telephone line is crystal clear and I never seemed to have any attenuation on the Sky product it replaced (38mb - consistantly 36mb) 

I feel I'm getting a little mugged off here paying for a faster product that isn't actually any faster than the base product on BT now.   Surely something must be wrong here?  Perhaps Plusnet would like to adjust my billing to that of the lesser product?  

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Re: Why do my Fibre speeds seem consistent with the lesser product?

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Re: Why do my Fibre speeds seem consistent with the lesser product?

Your attenuation suggests you're cabinet is further away than 'just round the corner', my router reports downstream attenuation of 16dB and my line is around 550m to the cabinet (I'm currently syncing at 73800).

Are you sure that you're connected to the cabinet you think you are?  Line could go be a rather 'indirect' route or it could be aluminium (significantly higher attenuation than copper).

Your reported 'Data rate' (14647/55902) is too high (both ways) for you to have been provisioned on the 52Mb product (that has a max of 10000/55000)

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Re: Why do my Fibre speeds seem consistent with the lesser product?

As above, either your internal wiring is causing issues, or you are further away from the cabinet than you think. Are you connected directly to the Master Socket? Is it the latest Mk3 version? Do you have extension sockets fitted?


Here is an example of the settings you would have if you were just round the corner:


Product name: BT Home Hub
2. Serial number:
3. Firmware version: Software version (Type A) Last updated 07/01/16
4. Board version: BT Hub 5A
5. DSL uptime: 0 days, 07:12:54
6. Data rate: 20000 / 79995
7. Maximum data rate: 28378 / 96601
8. Noise margin: 10.2 / 10.3
9. Line attenuation: 5.9 / 8.0
10. Signal attenuation: 6.0 / 8.0
11. Data sent/received: 32.4 MB / 174.0 MB
12. Broadband username:
13. BT Wi-fi: No
14. 2.4 GHz Wireless network/SSID: BTHub5-xxxx
15. 2.4 GHz Wireless connections: Enabled (802.11 b/g/n (up to 144 Mb/s))
16. 2.4 GHz Wireless security: WPA2
17. 2.4 GHz Wireless channel: Automatic (Smart Wireless)
18. 5 GHz Wireless network/SSID: BTHub5-xxxx
19. 5 GHz Wireless connections: Enabled (802.11 a/n/ac (up to 1300 Mb/s))
20. 5 GHz Wireless security: WPA2
21. 5 GHz Wireless channel: Automatic (Smart Wireless)
22. Firewall: Default
23. MAC Address: 18:62:2c:15:c3:a6
24. Modulation: G.993.2 Annex B
25. Software variant: AA
26. Boot loader: 1.0.0