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Where to find PN IP profile

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Where to find PN IP profile

I've looked on the forum prior to posting to try and find where this info is stored but all of the links just redirect to Plusnet dashboard.

Can someone point me in the right direction to obtain my IP profile?

Trying to see if we can squeeze a few more Mbps on our FTTC circuit.

Data rate: 19999 / 70689
Maximum data rate:22494 / 74191

Maximum observed download speed is 65Mbps via BT wholesale checker and

From reading other forum entries Plusnet have been able to manually set the profile and achieve faster speeds. Can anyone take a look at this for me please?.

Thank you in advance
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Re: Where to find PN IP profile

Welcome to the forums @Tomclewes Smiley

The only way for us to now see the profile rate ourselves is by carrying out the second test on this site

If you can wait, then Plusnet would more than likely be able to locate it for you.


Oddly, someone else asked after you posted but I saw that one first


Plusnet have removed our profile page from the member centre


It is possible for Plusnet to manually nudge the connection if they think it will achieve something Smiley

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Re: Where to find PN IP profile

For the vast majority of customers the PlusNet profile no longer has any effect on speeds, The BT profile still has an effect so as @DS suggested, it's worth checking that. However PN have no control over the BT profile, but it should follow any change in sync speed.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Where to find PN IP profile


Hi @Tomclewes,

Thank you for getting in touch.


After retesting the line, I can confirm that your connection is stable while operating within the estimated speed now that the engineer has attended. The type of circuit you are on will be affected by the account connection profile however, it is currently set above what you are achieving. This has now been amended to match your current sync rate.

I'm afraid that you are unable to check the account connection profile on our website but feel free to let us know on here if you feel the circuit is being limited by it and we will make the relevant amendments.

Thanks again.

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 Lewis G
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Re: Where to find PN IP profile

Download speeds are now running at approx. 71.39Mbps and the line is much more stable.


Much better considering I was only getting 55Mbps a few months ago and was told that would be the best my line can achieve.

Thanks to everyone involved.