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When to swap router

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When to swap router


I’m a Plusnet customer and I’m moving from basic broadband to fibre extra. I’ve received my new router. When should I swap my routers? Should I do it now or will I receive an email informing me my fibre broadband is activated, and therefore wait until then?

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Re: When to swap router

@Backhander Welcome to the forum 

Plusnet might advise you to wait but it will work on both so you can connect it now. In the unlikely even that it doesn’t swap over properly on the day then all that you need to do is reset it by pushing a paperclip or similar in the reset hole and keep the switch closed for 20 seconds or so and it will start up in the new mode.

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Re: When to swap router

Hello @Backhander Smiley You can use the new router with your existing services, but you'll get an email from us when the upgrade has completed.

 Plusnet Help Team