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When do we get Fibre to the door?

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When do we get Fibre to the door?

Happy-ish Plusnet customer here but today, with the heavy rain the ancient copper wiring is creaking and about as useful as a wet bit of string!


When can we get Fibre direct to the door please?


See the attached image for my Thinkbroadband speed tests!

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Re: When do we get Fibre to the door?


First, welcome to the forums.

As for FTTP, PlusNet are not currently offering it. maybe in the future. Is it even available on your line?

Check  to see what is available on your line

But looking at your picture, you do appear to have a line issue. You should report it to:

Include your picture of the downloads speeds etc in the report, its help the faults team, but also indicate it happens when you have lots of rain. Its probably a fault joint or some of your cable in water causing the issue.