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When can I get online?

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Registered: ‎07-10-2020

When can I get online?

I signed up to Plusnet over two weeks ago now, ready for moving into a new property. I understood that there would be a wait time for an engineer visit, but I was under the impression when signing up that once the engineer work is carried out that I'd be set up and online on the same day...


The engineer visited yesterday and installed everything. He checked the line and said broadband is now working... However I still haven't received a router, nor had any communication whatsoever as to when it will be dispatched!


I'm working from home and having to use mobile data, which is less than ideal! Is there any way I can get an update? I've tried posting a ticket AND calling, but couldn't get through on either.. 


As a new customer, I'm already so disappointed in the service received so far..