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What speed should I really expect ?

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What speed should I really expect ?

I moved my phone to PN and upgraded my standard PN broadband to fibre a few weeks ago. I was told I would get a max speed of 38Mbps with a guaranteed min of 30Mbps. Along with a number of service issues which largely relate to issues with the sales team I am also very disappointed with the speed I get. After the settling down period the best download speed I can get is 25/26, this is with a variety of speed testers and using the engineers test socket, one speed test even lists other consumers in my area and none get anything above what I am achieving. PN believe that there is a fault and want to send an engineer but I have to be prepared to pay a £65 charge if no fault is found, this concerns me given neighbours speed test results along with a comment from a PN agent saying that as I am 1000m from a fibre cabinet this is what I should expect, a comment which conflicts with PN technical staff !


Does any one have a view on what I should realistically expect as I am getting mixed messages from PN ?



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Re: What speed should I really expect ?

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Re: What speed should I really expect ?

Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear about the conflicting advice you've been given for the speed issues you're experiencing.

As your router in sync at a speed below your estimates shown at if an engineer doesn't find a fault and the speed remains the same then we wouldn't charge you for the call-out.

Based on the engineer notes, we may simply arrange another engineer visit to further investigate.

I can see the ticket on your account is with one of my colleagues from our complaints team.

If you can get back to him with your preferred appointment slot he'll book the visit in for you.

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