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What is going on with Plusnet?

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What is going on with Plusnet?

I signed up for fibre in January last year and have had a few issues over the last 18 months but overall the customer service has been good but that has changed recently for the worse.

Yesterday my connection became slower than usual for browsing and uploading anything was painfully slow and this has continued today, i am syncing at just over 7mbps on upload but i am getting between 0.04mbps and a max of 1.6mbps throughput, i have just spoken to customer service via live chat and have been told the maximum i can get on my package is 2mbps.

Now i thought that only new customers and those that changed their service where being put on to the the 40/2 package and not everyone, if everyone is being moved over then why have i not been informed of this lowering of my service?

When i mentioned to the agent i was on the legacy 40/10 package they said they where surprised there was anyone left on that.