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We'll do you proud.

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We'll do you proud.

The Plusnet line really annoys me , every time I try to call to complain , I get the same recorded announcement, current answering time 30 mins , really is this acceptable?

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Re: We'll do you proud.

More staff cost money. PlusNet used to be better, a lot better and service alone enough to justify staying with them. Not so  today if the market one competes in is cut price and "Package" rich. Sky and Virgin tack BB to media packages and can do so at BB cost, making profit from one to offset the other.

I think there's a National Premium service going begging. Not cut price, but fair price aimed at delivering a consistent high quality service at the best available speed. As a marketing experiment, I could see making Unlimited Fibre Extra a Premium service with higher support levels, and I would make the more basic Unlimited Fibre the BT 55/10 Service.  Since BT own PN, they ought to be able to put together better packages such as access to BT hotspots, Mobile phone services, etc. PlusNet could and should be go-ahead and an obvious Rolls-Royce service for anyone who is a pro or enthusiast level Broadband subscriber.