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WI-FI Printer / Router

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WI-FI Printer / Router

I have an epsom sx445w printer which has never worked correctly since i updated to fibre broadband and installed your router  thomson  plusnet technicolour.
This is causing great problems between my husband and myself as he is not able to print at all now.
Anyone else got these problems.

Please also note jess is useless and the music which is played whilst hanging on to be answered is rubbish
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Hi Dipelane - If you can post some detail of what you've tried so far, folk here will try their best to help.
The usual problems are that printer settings on PCs need to be updated in order to find the printer, as it will have changed IP address, or wifi issues such as the router being set to wireless channel 12 or 13.
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Re: WI-FI Printer / Router

think some have found that the wireless channel is set to automatic and switches about causing peripherals like printers trouble.
Have you tried changing the channel to be set to a single value?
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