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View my Usage

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View my Usage

I have been looking at my usage history and am somewhat concerned to see just how much PN say I am using. I know the charts say the figures are not accurate, but I am struggling to see how my router can report quite a discrepancy:

2885.6 MBytes  Up 1333.99 MBytes

My last monthly PN usage report was 3992.25GB Shocked

Usage breakdown graph doesn't help as it shows for this month:


Activity Peak usage Off-peak usage Total usage
Web 604.54GB 264.42GB 868.96GB
Email 24.64MB 2.34MB 26.97MB
Broadband phonecalls 466.33KB 214.24KB 680.57KB
Gaming 5.92GB 2.8GB 8.72GB
Streaming 21.53GB 2.81GB 24.34GB
PlusNet FTP 0KB 0KB 0KB
Peer-to-peer 42.66KB 73.11KB 115.76KB
Usenet 0KB 0KB 0KB
FTP (non PlusNet) 3.79KB 0.95KB 4.74KB
Other 601.67GB 294.58GB 896.25GB
Total usage so far 1233.69GB 564.6GB 1798.29GB


Computers scanned for viruses and wifi networks secured with WPA2. There is an XBox on most of the day. Not sure what "other" covers. It says Netflix and Youtube aren't tracked, so potentially even more usage!! Usage seems to double every month and there is no more activity in the house. Confused!

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Re: View my Usage

Can't answer why yours is so high, but found an answer to one of your Q's Wink

sub heading - How much broadband have I used:

  • Web – browsing online using a web browser like Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • Email – sending and receiving emails using an email application like Outlook or Mac Mail.
  • Broadband phone calls – making calls over the Internet, e.g. Skype or Facebook Messenger.
  • Gaming – playing online multi-player games like World of Warcraft or Xbox Live.
  • Streaming – watching TV and movies online, or listening to music e.g. Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, Spotify, Deezer.
  • Plusnet FTP – this is mainly used for things like uploading webpages.
  • Peer to Peer – downloading files using file sharing applications e.g. BitTorrent.
  • Usenet – using or downloading posts from newsgroup discussion forums or downloading files from binary newsgroups.
  • FTP (Non Plusnet) – moving files to servers that aren't run by Plusnet e.g. if you're working from home and uploading files to your office server.
  • Other – anything else.

You may well find other answers on the other sub headings too!!

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Re: View my Usage

Try running & watching tcpview from There is no installation & is perfectly safe. It will show you the traffic going in & out of your computer in real-time. In my case Adobe is the culprit continually talking to their servers.
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Re: View my Usage

TCPView was only any good for the one pc, but thanks. I found another which was wireless network watcher. That has helped me to identify all items on the network, just doesn't give a throughput to find out what is using it all.